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Personal Greeting from Matt Trakker Himself, Doug Stone!

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M.A.S.K. Prototypes and Test Shots

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I found these on my old laptop. I don’t recall who sent them to me so I apologize for not giving credit where it is due. Lego Project

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photo 2

photo 1


Left to right (back row)

Sly Rax, Lester Sludge, Floyd Malloy, Miles Mayhem, Vanessa Warfield, Cliff Dagger, Nash Gorey

Left to Right (front row)
Calhoun Burns, Hondo Maclean, Boris Bushkin, Gloria Baker, Alex Sector, Brad Turner, Matt Trakker, Bruce Sato, Buddy Hawks, Dusty Hayes, Nevada Rushmore, Ace Riker, Ali Bombay

And here is Scott and T-Bob 2.0.


M.A.S.K. and Legos where two of my favorite toys growing up. I can remember trying to build a hideout for V.E.N.O.M. out of legos so they had somewhere to go after battling with M.A.S.K. when I was younger. 

Through the years, we have seen some of our favorite iconic television and movie charcters turned into legos. 

Star Wars, DC heroes, Marvel heroes, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter and the list keeps going. 

Through the years of running, we have seen some really great fan artwork. The work of Orion Pax is some---------------

Rest In Peace Lance Anderson

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I widely consider Lance Anderson to be the reason why has blossomed into what we have today. He reached out to me to share his vast insights and helped peak my interests again in MASK. In doing that, I was able to share that knowledge with you, the fans, to help pass on the knowledge and memories.

I am very saddened to only find out today that Lance passed away on May 24th, 2012 after battling cancer.

The students that he mentored through the years were very lucky to have Lance’s guidance. The world lost a great teacher and artist that day.

I hope that wherever you are Lance, you are in a better place and at peace.


Background and interview with Lance –

Concept Art that Lance Has Provided our Site –

RetroBlasting – Trakkin’ the Mayhem

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As I arrive at work, I tend to look at facebook while I enjoy the first few sips of my morning coffee. While looking over my news feed, I noticed some videos posted by our friends at MASK the Movie and MASK comics. Retroblasting has put out a stellar review of the MASK cartoon and toy line. Very great points, high detail and overall a joy to watch. 




M.A.S.K. Charity Auction – Start Your Bidding!

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Auction Website –

If you wish to donate to the Red Cross – Click Here

MASKast 32 – My interview with MASK the Movie about the auction – Click Here to Listen

Hello M.A.S.K. Agents, 

After Hurricane Sandy ripped through New Jersey and New York and destroyed so many lives, I wanted to do something to give back. My parent’s house was hit hard but fortunately, it is still standing strong. We only lost material possessions; our family was very lucky. Other families were not as lucky.

With the help of the wonderful and caring voice actors of the show: Graeme McKenna, Doug Stone, Brendan McKane, Sharon Noble and Mark Halloran;  Christopher Noon at the BigToyAuction and Jason Gross and Wyatt Bloom of M.A.S.K. the movie. We have been able to put together a nice collection of unique items for you to have a chance of owning and helping a great cause!

While the storm is---------------