My Plot Idea for a MASK Appearance in the next Gi Joe Movie

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  • Nathan Fleischman

    Good idea.

  • Bricabrac

    I was actually pondering something like this the other day. I decided the MASK equipment may have been designed as a means to deploy covert rapid assault troops; agents could be transported to target areas under civilian identities, carry out their mission, and then quickly disperse. Of course, they could also be deployed in a more typically MASK-like fashion as undercover defence troops, protecting valuable targets from potential enemies.

    Obviously Mayhem decides he can make more profitable use of this kind of gear and does the inevitable dirty. :p

    Given the Joe connection, though, I actually like your idea of Mayhem being a Crimson Twins plant, and it kind of gives them the leeway to fluctuate between standard criminal activity and outright terrorism as appropriate.