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Written by mtrakker on . Posted in Blog Post


 Hello everyone,

We have moved our shop to a new website. I like the popularity of ebay but the fees where too much after all was said and done. I was also tired of seeing my items go right back up for sale after they were sold. I wanted a bit more control over the content as well.

We have found the perfect medium at Hazarai!. This is a free online marketplace with really great features. Instead of having re-sellers on ebay buy my products at lower costs and then try to sell them higher on ebay, I wanted the true collectors to be able to find what we have to offer.

“Hazarai is an online social marketplace specializing in merchandise that are all things geek and pop culture; a one-stop destination to shop, sell, share, and geek out!

Create a free store, browse through great products, show off your collection, or check out our blogs and get involved in the discussion.

No matter what your passion, Hazarai is truly the Official Home for All Fankind!”

  • William Scott Crawford

    I’m with you – so many people on Ebay just out to make a quick buck. Recently on Ebay UK someone had the first issue of M.A.S.K. on a buy it now of £75 (over $100) for a comic that cost 35p! On the odd occasion that complete sets of comics come up for sale quite often an influx if individual issues will then appear – I assume the person who bought the set is then selling off the comics at a premium.


    Do you ship to the UK?