New Message Board!!! 1

New Message Board!!!

New Message Board is up and running. Please share this with everyone! If you can’t log in, do a password reset. You will have to set your signatures and avatars again, etc…  Sorry,...

Update on the Charity Auction 0

Update on the Charity Auction

There were a few delays with shipping and lost packages as well. We are getting very close to getting the auction in full gear.  Once everything gets in and I have it all cataloged,...

New Shop 1

New Shop

 Hello everyone, We have moved our shop to a new website. I like the popularity of ebay but the fees where too much after all was said and done. I was also tired...

Message Board Will Undergo Some Changes 0

Message Board Will Undergo Some Changes

In an effort to tie everything together, I will be moving the message board to a different application.  This will take some time to accomplish and there shouldn’t be any downtime until the actual...

Latest Giveaway from 3

Latest Giveaway from

Ok, so here are the guidelines of our newest giveaway contest at  – You have to be a fan of our Facebook page (Like us!) – Your cover image on your Facebook... is now on Twitter 0 is now on Twitter

Over the weekend, I’ll be adding more about this and updating the twitter page but if you want to start following, here you go!  

Mark Halloran Interview 1

Mark Halloran Interview

1. How does it feel to know that there are still fans of this show? It is wonderful to know that there are fans who remember MASK … It makes me feel that the...

New Giveaway! 1

New Giveaway!

  As promised, I will announce what 2 lucky winners will be winning once we hit 1,000 facebook likes.  2 people will win either a Piranha with Sly Rax and short mask or a...

Some More Updates to Follow… 1

Some More Updates to Follow…

Here is a list of things to come to our site. (No particular order) I will be removing and updating my collection photos SMF message board will be moved to phpbb I will be...

Paul Panfalone – Swivelarms 0

Paul Panfalone – Swivelarms

Every so often with MASK, something new will pop up. We had that GI Joe Trakker figure, the comic that recently had a re-imagined MASK team in it, etc.. If you are a collector...

New Layout is Here! 0

New Layout is Here!

Well, we have another new layout! The site should also load MUCH MUCH faster now as well.  Over the next few days, I will be adding more elements to the site so keep checking... Reviews 0 Reviews

Hello everyone, Don’t forget that we have launched video reviews on youtube! You can find them by clicking the reviews tab on the main site or by heading here. Make sure to give them...

My Interview with MASK the Movie on MASKast 0

My Interview with MASK the Movie on MASKast

For those who aren’t aware, MASK the Movie did an interview with me about the website. Enjoy! MASKast Interview Also, don’t forget to visit MASK the Movie’s website!

MASK Vector Artwork 0

MASK Vector Artwork

Here, you will find MASK vector artwork that I have been working on. These are done with Illustrator and Photoshop. They will eventually be a part of a larger piece, but for now, enjoy...