Series 3

Billboard Blast

Agent(s): Dusty Hayes, Mask(s): Vacuum, Accessories: 2 Missiles

Raceway Billboard that changes to a Launching Platform

bbb IMG_4222 IMG_4223

Bulldog / Bulldoze

Agent(s): Boris Bushkin, Mask(s): Comrade, Accessories: 1 Missile

Diesel Truck changes to an Armored Half Track

Boris Bushkin

Bullet / Bandit

Agent(s): Ali Bombay,Mask(s): Vortex

Street Bike that changes to a Hovercraft

Ali Bombay
bb IMG_4192IMG_4173 IMG_4193


Agent(s): Miles and Maximus Mayhem, Mask(s): Flexor and Deep Freeze

Formula Race Car changes to a Land-Air Squad

Maximus MayhemMiles Mayhem
bb2 IMG_4172 IMG_4173

The Collector

Agent(s): Alex Sector, Mask(s): Disruptor

Toll Booth that changes into an Armored Bunker

Alex Sector
cb IMG_4220 IMG_4221


Agent(s): Matt Trakker and Nevada Rushmore, Mask(s): Shroud and Totem, Accessories: 2 missiles

Formula Race Car and Transport that changes into a Missle Launcher and Jet Fighter

Matt Trakker Nevada Rushmore
gb IMG_4242 IMG_4243


Agent(s): Lester Sludge, Mask(s): Mudslinger

Lester Sludge
ib IMG_4200 IMG_4201


Agent(s): Vanessa Warfield, Mask(s): Whip, Accessories: Ejector Seat

Nissan 300ZX that changes to an Assault Plane

Vanessa Warfield
mb IMG_4235 IMG_4236


Agent(s): Ace Riker, Mask(s): Cruise Control, Accessories: Bomb, 2 missiles

Stunt Jet that changes to a Flying Pod and Mobile Tank

Ace Riker
mbb IMG_4231 IMG_4232

Pit Stop Catapult

Agent(s): Sly Rax, Mask(s): Sawblade, Accessories: 3 Tires

Refuelling Station that changes to a Catapulting Grinder

Sly Rax
psb IMG_4217 IMG_4218


Agent(s): Brad Turner, Mask(s): Eclipse, Accessories: Missile

T-Bird Stock Car that changes to an Action Rescue Tank

Brad Turner
mask-razorback IMG_4202 IMG_4205


Agent(s): Buddy / Buddie Hawks, Mask(s): Ditcher, Accessories: 6 discs

Tow Truck that changes to a Vertical Fighting Machine

Buddy Hawks