Series 4


Agent(s): Dusty Hayes and Clone, Mask(s): Backlash, Accessories: Missile, Bomb

Dragster that changes into a Stealth Jet and Cannon Launcher

s4Hayes s4HayesClone

abboxIMG_4226 IMG_4227


Agent(s): Jacques Lafleur and Clone, Mask(s): Mirage, Accessories: 2 Missiles

Volkswagen that changes into a Hovercraft and Attack Bike

detboxIMG_4190 IMG_4191

Barracuda / Jackal

Agent(s): Bruno Sheppard and Clone, Mask(s): Magna Beam, Accessories: 2 Bombs

Jet Cycle that changes into a Jet Glider and Booster Cycle

Bruno Sheppard Bruno Sheppard Clone

jackboxIMG_4178 IMG_4179


Agent(s): Bruce Sato and Clone, Mask(s): Lifter, Accessories:

Off-Road Vehicle that changes into a Turbine Chopper and Assault Cart

Bruce Sato Bruce Sato Clone

dynbox1dynbox2 IMG_4182 IMG_4183


Agent(s): Julio Lopez and Clone, Mask(s): Streamer, Accessories: 2 Bombs

Racy Fiero that changes into a Glider Craft and 3 Wheeled Chopper

Julio Lopez Julio Lopez Clone

ffbox1ffbox2 IMG_4176 IMG_4177


Agent(s): Hondo Maclean, Mask(s): Blaster, Accessories:

Unreleased – Service Station Ramp that changes into a Tank


001 002 004 006


Agent(s): Matt Trakker and Clone, Mask(s): Spectrum, Accessories: 2 Missiles

Jet Fighter that changes into a Jet Plane and Thruster Car

Matt Trakker Matt Trakker Clone

sk1boxsk2box IMG_4228 IMG_4230


Agent(s): Gloria Baker and Clone, Mask(s): Collider, Accessories:

Sports Car that changes into a Raid Plane and Attack Chopper

Gloria Baker Gloria Baker Clone

st1box IMG_4210 IMG_4211


Agent(s): Cliff Dagger, Mask(s): Torch, Accessories:

Unreleased – Fuel Tank that changes into a Gun Turret

Cliff Dagger

12 7


Agent(s): Flyod Malloy Mask(s): Buckshot, Accessories:

Front end loader that changes into a Recon Craft and Dirt Tractor

Cliff DaggerCliff Dagger

vandalBox vandal1 vandal2 (2)


Agent(s): Miles Mayhem and Clone, Mask(s): Viper, Accessories: 3 Missiles

Corvette Stingray that changes into a Gunner’s Shuttle and Tank

Miles Mayhem Miles Mayhem Clone

wbbox1wbbox2 IMG_4216

Laser Command

Agent(s): Matt Trakker and Miles Mayhem, Mask(s): Lasertron and Raynet

Matt TrakkerMiles Mayhem
 lcbIMG_4212 IMG_4213